Eat healthy, regenerate your body and renew your health with Sunrider International whole food products, herbs and nutrional vitamins and minerals.

The Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration states:

1. The body has the ability to balance itself with proper nutrition.
2. The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from whole foods.
3. Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his/her own health.

The ancient Chinese were first to recognize that we literally are what we eat. For several thousand years, the Chinese have researched and tested thousands of plants and recorded the effects on the body of the the single plant/herb and herbs in combinations. Through their research they discovered and recorded how the body can bring itself to a near perfect state of health using the right plant combinations to nourish and cleanse the entire body.

"With proper nourishment, the human body has the power to heal and regulate itself, maintain optimum health and achieve peak performance." The early Chinese doctors believed that instead of taking medicine to help cure a health problem, one should instead eat the proper herbs to prevent the body from ever getting sick. The Chinese doctor was paid to keep his patients well and if they became ill, payment ceased until he got his patients well again-at his own expense.

The philosophy of regeneration is behind all of Sunrider's foods and products. It brings balance at the celllar level so those cells, "that have over 600 functions" can regenerate or become stronger and stronger rather than becoming weaker and weaker. Every year 89% of our body is new! The question is - will our body be stronger or weaker just one year from now? That depends on what kind of foods we are giving our body.  Sunrider foods are regenerative! They give life to the body so that it is able to overcome its own weaknesses and health challenges naturally, creating abundant vitality. Our food should be our medicine!

"A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness, and having found that, he first tries to cure it by food. Only when food fails, does he also prescribe medication." --San Ssu-mo, Tang Dynasty (618-907AD)

The Philosophy of Regeneration is truly the only way to sucessfully overcome health challenges and weaknesses naturally, thereby gaining a new level of health and vitality never thought possible.

While the Philosophy of Regeneration addresses your physical health, the residual income provided through the Sunrider financial opportunity can also regenerate your financial health. It's a winning combination!

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